Finally I can share it with the world! So so happy that I can post the pictures of the quilt I made for my mom: “Things we love”. Let me tell you about it!


January this year I got the idea to design a quilt for my mom. She has been quilting for a very long time and makes lots of quilts for others. But she never made a big quilt just for herself. So I decided to make her one. Long long time ago I did piece some blocks, but I was never really fond of quilting. About two years ago my interest in pretty fabrics started growing. I only made a baby quilt before this one, so this was my very first big project. How exciting!

I designed a quilt with all the things we love. This is the design I came up with. My parents house is in is, bikes for our biking trip, sailing boats and a lighthouse since we love going to the Dutch Waddeneilanden, of course sewing machines since she taught me how to sew and much more :)


A close up of some of the blocks. The pencil block and the tulips are my favorites I think!



Since I was so excited making this for her it was difficult to keep it a secret. But we managed (the whole family knew) and my mom was so surprised when she received it! There we are with the quilt :)


It was my first time free motion quilting on a real quilt. (I did practice on little pieces) It was so much fun to do! My old Lewenstein machine did a pretty good job.



Love this picture of my mom and me, such a happy pic, love her a lot! I think handing her the quilt was the best part of the whole process :)


This was just after she unpacked the present and saw the quilt for the first time, a loving quilt hug :)


Even the boyfriend loved giving it to my mom after all my hard work. He was very supportive along the way ;) “Yes that bird is also pretty in pink, yes it also looks good in green..”



And now it’s hanging in my parents home, just love how it turned out!


Thank you so much for stopping by!


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  1. Irene this is beautiful! As one who has “several” quilts in process, I appreciate all your hard work in such a short time. I am sure your mother will treasure this forever. I love all the blocks. The bicycles, the sewing machines. I could not pick a favorite.

  2. This is absolutely amazing! I can’t imagine how much time it took to complete, but you sure did a fantastic job!

  3. Your quilt is lovely! I have to make new seasonal wall hangings because I gave all of mine to my mom the last time I saw her. She lives 12 hrs away. I felt it would give me the incentive to put down the Crochet hook and get back into my sewing room. I just found your blog on quilting friends and enjoyed reading it and the pictures!

  4. What a beautiful quilt! You did an amazing job—I’m sure your mom smiles every time she sees it.

  5. Fantastic! So beautifully designed and executed, and what a wonderful tribute to the things you share with your mom! Thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us.

  6. You did such an amazing job. I’m so impressed with the design and beauty of it. I hope I can make a quilt in the next 6 months for my granddaughter who graduates high school in 2015.

    Thanks for sharing this sweet event with your mother.

  7. This is my first time here, and I am just in awe of your fantastic quilt. Your designs are so clever, and the over-all impact of the quilt is fresh and happy. I especially like the sailboats and the bicycles. I like that the boats aren’t boxy but have real character. And the bikes are so detailed. Beautiful quilt, happy mom, and proud quilter.

    1. Thank you all so much for leaving a comment!

      That is such a lovely thing Annette, with all those stitches quilts are really full of hugs!

      Wonderful to make her a quilt for her graduation Debbie!

      Welcome Leslie! Loved reading your comment, happy you like the design. When designing the blocks I didn’t had a feeling yet of how small some pieces where going to be. Some blocks, like the bikes, had so many pieces, but I think it was really worth it when you see the whole picture :)

  8. What an amazing and lovely gift to give to your Mom!
    How wonderful of you to design something for her ~ certainly something to cherish for a long time!

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  10. Hallo Irene
    Just loving your website and a friend of mine would like to get into contact with you regarding the 2022 project. Could you please send me an email.

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