And? How did it go yesterday? So great you’re crocheting along. Today will be about filling and finishing off the body. We will also give Puck some safety eyes.

These are all the lessons in this series:

  • Materials: Here you can find all the materials you need to start with your first crochet lesson.
  • Lesson 1: Making your first stitches (called ‘single crochet’) in a magic loop. Really magical I promise ;)
  • Lesson 2: You will learn about eyes, making decreases, stuffing and closing your amigurumi.
  • Lesson 3: Time for tiny parts, they are fiddly, but I’m sure you can do it!
  • Lesson 4: Oval shapes, you will learn to make ‘chain stitches’ and crochet around them.
  • Lesson 5: Finally you will assemble your amigurumi like a pro.

Ready for some more crochet? Let’s get started!

The eyes

First we can place the eyes. Take a safety eye and place it in the center of the magic loop of one of the white circles you made yesterday. Then push it through the body on one of the BLO stitches in the 6th round. You recognize them by a small horizontal stitch. Do the same for the other eye. Secure the saftey eyes by placing the washers inside of the body.

Leave all the tails of the eyes where they are. We will sew the white part of the eyes to the body on the last day.

The body, continued

R13: { 4sc, 1 x dec. } x 6          (30)

dec. means decrease. To make a decrease you will crochet two single crochets together.

R14: { 3sc, 1 x dec. } x 6          (24)
R15: { 2sc, 1 x dec. } x 6          (18)
R16: { 1sc, 1 x dec. } x 6           (12)

Now you can stuff the body of the penguin. Use a pencil or the back of your crochet hook to get the stuffing in easily.

R17: 6 x dec.                            (6)

Close the small hole that is left in your final round. Fasten off the thread.

And we’re ready for today :)

I think I’m going to start another Puck in a multi color yarn. What color are you using for Puck?


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