New old sewing machine

Last week I visited the ‘Stoffenspektakel’ in Rijswijk (Holland). A big fair with a lot of all kinds of fabrics. We where mostly looking for fabrics because I recently fell in love with quilting!

The idea to make a quilt came about mainly because I have received a ‘new’ sewing machine. I did have a very cheap sewing machine somewhere, but it’s just not working properly. Now I got a beauty of a machine from my parents neighbor and I love it!


It’s a very old (and heavy) machine, but it works perfectly! It is a Lewenstein Astra-matic super. And look what a beautifull red cover it came with! So that’s the reason behind my fabric hunt, and I think I did a good job ;)


For a sweet pink baby quilt.


For a blue quilt, would be lovely as a present for a baby boy.


And some happy colors to sew stuffed animals!


Just looking at the fabrics makes me very happy :) doesn’t it make you happy? So that’s the start of my fabric collection.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Irene

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  1. Hi Irene…thanks for letting me join. I saw your comments about your new/old sewing machine. I know how you feel, however, I also know the other end…I have a 42 year old Sears Kenmore sewing machine that is also very heavy but is now starting to show it’s age where my tensions are constantly getting out of whack. :( I have also found that the more I get into quilting, the more I’d like to use some specialty stitches which my old machine does not have. Soooo, it’s on to find a new machine. I’ve done a ton of research and found that I just love the Babylock, Katharine model but it’s out of my budget. However, I was able to find a local Brother dealer and will hopefully be getting a brand new SB-3129 Sewing with some embroid. stitches. Can’t wait.

  2. Hello, I have an old Lewenstein – Astra Matic Super – sewing machine, but I need a pedal foot controller for it, is it possible to get a new old old good one? I live in Beirut Lebanon, Thanks In advance for your support

  3. Lewenstein Astra Matic Super 8668 Nähmaschine Sewing machine
    I have this swing machine but I need cataloged in Arabic to used

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